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Bestiaire Africain

#ARTIST BOOK | This illustrated books uses paper-cut technics to display six African animals. Language: FRENCH. Editions GRANDIR.

La Hyene et la Brebis

#ARTIST BOOK | This illustrated books uses paper-cut technics. A « leporello » (accordion) format which tells the Mauritanian tale of a hyena and a sheep.

L'oreille du Loup Gris

#ILLUSTRATED BOOK | « Wisemen say that for every sickness there is a remedy, except for stupidity cause it made the one who try to heal it sick. » This arab proverb is illustrated by H.MUSA with a tale written Jihad Darwiche. Language: FRENCH. Editions LIRABELLE.

Application Zebra

#ILLUSTRATED BOOK | Animals hidden in between drawings and calligraphy with the zebra as the guiding thread. A wonderful artwork without text which unfolds itself like an accordion. 


#ILLUSTRATED BOOK | Did you know why the ostrich don’t fly? This tale from Sudan will tell you…(Editions Grandir, 1996)

Le Fils du Marchand

# ILLUSTRATED BOOK | A wealthy merchant does business between Gaza and Egypt. He wishes to teaches his son the trade. The young man loves books, but agrees to do so to avoid hurting his father's feelings. While on the road, an illusion of easiness makes him turn around and give up. When he arrives back home, his father teaches him a good life lesson. Language: FRENCH. Editions LIRABELLE.

L'Alphabet de Scheherazade

#ILLUSTRATED BOOK | A tale of the 28 women who preceeded Scheherazade in the Arabian nights, each represented by one Arabic character. One of Hassan Musa's most famous illustrated book.