CGK, China - May 2019

« Chat History » is the result of a collaborative art project which took place at the CGK gallery in Kunming, China, in May 2019.

There, French artist H.Musa and Chinese artist Donghai accomplished this grand « fresco-like » artwork which combines elements of both Chinese and Arabic calligraphy, as well as graffiti and painting. The final artwork is a record of this one week art exchange.

CGK's video production team (Hao Min) realized a short video around the project, watch it here:

Donghai and H.Musa also cooperated to create a limited edition reproduction of the artwork. 46 reproductions were made with a combination of giclee art printing technics as well as serigraphy technics. To purchase one of these reproduction scan the QR below with Wechat or send an email to