Maia Muller Gallery (Paris) - Feb - March 2019

"The " A rose for mum "  exhibition  celebrates the birth of a little girl called Lula, named after the heroine of the David Lynch film " Wild at heart" (retitled " Sailor and Lula" in French). The exhibition (the name of which comes from the classic vintage tattoo) presents a collection of paintings of flowers- a subject considered to be old-fashioned but reenergised by painters and other artists who have no fear including Manuel Ocampo, Io Burgard, Damien Cadio, Myriam Mihindou, Hassan Musa, Camille Fischer, Thomas Zipp, Monika Michalko, Christoph Ruckhäberle and Claude Lévêque." -- Galerie Maia Muller -- More about this show on the gallery's website: www.maiamuller.com